Do you feel good ?


Vitametik- The manual method for stress, tension and pains!

The holistic way of getting back on track.


The method:

Relaxation at the push of a button-can it really be so simple?


The unique thing about Vitametik is that your whole body reacts to a short, fast pressure impulse on the lateral neck muscles.

The signal is r

Do you feel good ?

eceived by a particular  neural node and directed  straight to the brain. Thus a chain reaction can be set in motion.

The aim of Vitametik is to help your body`s intelligence to relax the entire muscular system and rectivy  blockages itself. Nerve tracts can be freed and the body can „ repair“ itself again without being hindered- as you ars familiar with in the case of e.g. a cut.

Vitametik promotes regeneration and activates the body`s self- healing powers.

Stress and tension

Stress gets on our nerves. Literally.

Modern life has its price. Faster, higher, further- tenser! Rushing, stress and not enough exercise- this all leads to tension. And muscular tension can also compress nerves without this being noticed.

The flow of information through the nerves is disrupted by this pressure – as if one were to pinch a water hose. This can have an extremely wide variety of effects upon the whole organism.

Relaxion for the muscles  spine and nerve system.

The Vitametik treatment

What does the Vitametik practitioner do – the application sequence:

Preliminary talk about the complaints

Feeling the muscular tension

Leg length test on the special treatment table

Precise, very quick, painless impulse on the lateral neck muscles

20-minute rest phase

The initial intensive phase comprises six to eight applications.

All Vitametik practitioners have completed an indepth training course at the Bildungsinstitut für Vitametik and regularly undergo further training.They are organised in the professional body Berufsverband für Vitametik e.V.

Areas of application

Vitametik can be used at any age and for all stress and tension- related complaints.

        Hardened neck muscles

        shoulder/arm complaints

        back problems, lumbago

        disc prolapse

        leg length inequality

        pelvic obliquity

        sports injuries, accidents

        headaches, migraine

        tinnitus and vertigo

        sleep disorders

        for establishing inner and outer balance


Important advice:

Vitametik is not a replacement for treatment by a doctor or alternative practitioner. Ongoing medical treatments and arrangements should be continued , and/ore future ones should not be delayed or omitted. All contens are copyright by the Bildungsinstitut für Vitametik.

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